Gratitude shifts your mindset

I’ve learned so many things from the simple daily practice of walking in gratitude. Even on days when it seems that there is no reason or very little reason to be thankful, I am still grateful.

Yes, some days, it seems everything and everyone is conspiring against you, but  I’ve learned no one can steal your joy unless you are willing to relinquish it.

I refuse to allow someone to have that much power/control over my life. So I choose to be grateful. And in that gratefulness, I’ve found there is real joy.

I feel immeasurably blessed even on the days it feels my life is being derailed. I’ve learned to look for the lesson. I’ve learned to search for the blessing. The practice of walking in gratitude daily has given me a new perspective on virtually every facet of life.

It was not easy to change my mind’s focus towards gratitude, but with practice, it became easier each day. These days, it’s almost second nature, like breathing. When my thoughts want to lean towards the negative, I almost instantly redirect them.

I’m saying all of this to encourage you to start where you are. Everyone’s journey is different. Remember that as you develop your own gratitude habit over the course of the next 60 days.

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